Anatomy of a Binge II: The Cost

I’m scared to even look at the calories I consumed on my flip-out last Friday. Though, considering my purchases, it could have been worse. So I’m not going to get too wrought over this. But I do want to study it, analyze it to death, and learn from it.

Here’s what I bought, ate, it’s cost and calories:


Stuff I Binged On

20 oz. Coke $1.24 250 Cal.

Ragu Pizza Sauce $1.08   50 Cal.

LD Fancy Cakes $1.26 620 Cal.

Mozzerella Bites $5.28 250 Cal.

Funyuns $2.68      1,500 Cal. 

BK Dbl Chsbrger $2.11 540 Cal. 


Total $13.65      3,210 Cal. 


Stuff I Bought to Binge on But Didn’t            $19.92

Other Stuff I Bough in Binge Mindset     $13.80


Total Binge Related Purchases     $47.37


Almost $50 wasted and 3,200 calories consumed because I had a stressful day and Walmart’s Deli fryers were broken. The healthy food that I purchased and needed totaled $21.80. If I’d coped with my stressful day I’d have only spent $22 on food and would have had $50 to put towards something that would have been soooo much better than a binge.


Maybe that’s what I need to do. Take a calculator to the store with me, stop before I go to the cash register and tally everything I’m buying. Then decide what I really need. I have found with other shopping, that if I grab an item that I want and just wander around the store with it while I get the necessities, it gives me a chance to step back and clear my head enough to make a rational decision on whether or not I really need what I just tossed in my cart. 


It’s a step. I think in the right direction. Here’s to preventing future binges. 





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