oh yeah . . . that’s what muscles feel like

In the interest of revolution, I ventured back into the realm of exercise guru’s yesterday. Today I was rewarded with the oddly pleasant sensation of post-exercise muscle ache’s. My muscles have been reminding me of last nights sweat-fest, gently, persistently. And I like it.

I’ve been inactive for so long that I’d forgotten how great it is to FEEL my body. Not feel it up (though I’d consider paying money for THAT sensation) but feel the way my muscles move and flex and pulse and work in amazing symmetry and coordination to propel me through life. 

The simple act of moving my ass for 3o minutes last night reconnected me with my body. It snapped me out of a fuzzy lethargy that was steeling me away. Awareness of my body has helped ground me in the present. My wandering mind has settled, my focus has narrowed, and I’m feeling …right.

I’m feeling alive. And it’s soooo awesome. So awesome that I exercised again tonight. This is the next step in my revolution. 


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