macair video revisited or … the absurdity of trying to look like 1% of the population

I’ve been thinking about the video spoof of the MacAir notebook release a couple weeks ago. When I first saw it, I laughed my ass off. When I see it now, I still laugh my ass off. It’s completely absurd.

A laptop having a body complex and taking action to make itself more thin and sleek to look as appealing as the new “IT” laptop. Going through, virtually, the same thought and action process of so many women caught on the diet merry-go-round.

Working out, vomiting, using diuretics, crashing with a pint of ben & jerry’s and watching Oprah explore the ins and outs of fatdom. All because an image made the laptop feel inferior.

As absurd as it is seeing an inanimate object do these things, isn’t it more absurd that human beings embrace the same actions; that these behaviors are typically accepted as normal?

The reality check comes in seeing these same actions separated from human functioning. They are laughable but also make me scream “what the F@*% are we doing to ourselves?”

The repeated dieting and exercising, the extreme steps of weight loss like vomiting, starving, taking risky diet pills and even invasive, sometimes brutal surgeries. All because something makes us feel inferior. And usually the stuff that makes us feel inferior isn’t worth a moment’s thought because it comes from sources who don’t know us or value us enough to have a legitimate voice with us. 

Don’t give those negative sources that power. Call bullshit and put them in their place, a place of illegitimacy. Don’t let them cause you despair. You are more than and deserve better than the poison they spew. 

Love yourself. 


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