a new holocaust?

Is it just me or is the “war on obesity” unnerving? Like “holocaust” unnerving. I’m waiting for the world to snap, load us fatties onto a train, and cart us off to a fat camp (for our own good of course). All while stripping us of our worldly possessions, separating us from our friends and families, and robbing us of our dignity. 

Conform or die.

The freaky thing is I don’t think this is an over-exaggeration.Hitler spread propaganda about a supreme race; the blue eyed, blond haired Arian race. Is the diet industry so different with its propaganda on an ideal of physical perfection? Hitler had scientists and doctors backing up his assertions. Obesity Nazi’s have their own widespread contingent of doctor’s and scientists perpetuating this notion of “obesity bad, skinny good.”

70 years ago a country was overrun by the assertion of a supreme race. Is it a far stretch to imagine the U.S. succumbing to the same notions about size? Hitler used good old fear-mongering to coerce people into embracing the idea of a supreme race; that the “lesser” races posed a threat. Everywhere you look today there are messages about the dangers of fat. Fat can be contagious (being friends with fat people make you fat), fat costs us billions of dollars every year, fat can cause any number of diseases, fat can KILL you.

Pullleeeeaaaasssseee! The world needs to sit the f*#@ down and chill about the obesity “epidemic”. 

The world will not be pulled down around you because I carry an extra 20-50-80-200 pounds on my body and eat a donut once in a while. Assessing a human being’s worth based on their weight is as asinine as assessing personal worth through gender, race, or social status. We’re born; we live; that alone makes us worthy to exist next to you. 

If you really want something to fight against, why don’t you consider the people who are leading the charge on obesity. Why are they distracting you with the dog and pony show of fat hatred? What shenanigans are they hiding with a little slight-of-hand? Hitler was after world domination – if he’d had his way, the world would be under the control of a Nazi regime and most of us not blond-haired and blue-eyed would be slaves or dead.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the holocaust, WWII or Hitler … I’m paraphrasing various things I’ve read and heard over my 29 years on earth so I may not have all the facts. And I in no way want to minimize what people experienced during the holocaust or offend anyone connected with those atrocities … that is unless you caused them.


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