embarrassed at the gym

Over at Elastic Waist they’re talking about Embarrassing Gym Moments. So in the spirit of sharing humiliating gym experiences, here’s one to chuckle at:

A few years ago I was working out in the weight room, doing lunges with just my body weight. This was my first time back to the weight room in a good year or so and it had certainly been a while since I performed a lunge.

So here I am lunging to my hearts content working my way towards my twelfth rep on each leg and suddenly my right leg was done. It had had enough and wasn’t going to take anymore. And I crumpled to the floor in a pile of sweaty, fleshy jiggley-ness.

Less than three feet away were several teenage and 20-something guys getting their sweat on and I knew they’d just seen my graceful undoing. I felt my face flame and the mortification of fat-girl-making-a-fool-of-herself almost overtook me and sent me running from the weight room in shame.

But in a rare moment of brilliance I stuck my leg out in front of me and began stretching out my hamstring as if it was what I’d intended to do all along.

I’m not so sure they bought the whole stretch-out fake-out but it preserved my pride enough to get me through the rest of my workout. I didn’t do any more lunges though.


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