my dad’s a closeted feminist

When I mentioned my dad in an earlier post, I asserted he would be horrified at my embracing feminism, and to an extent I think that’s true.

But really, he’s guilty of a great inconsistency. He jokes around about “women’s work” but has been instrumental in the making of a tomboy (me).

  • He taught me sports.
  • He rough-housed with me as much as my little brother when we were kids. 
  • He taught me how to hold a gun, fire it, and clean it and helped me purchase my first gun a couple years ago. 
  • He’s trained me in doing “men’s work” (mowing lawn, cleaning the garage, using jumper cables).
  • He’s taught me to use power tools and bought me my first drill.
  • He supported my love of flying as a teenager and helped me acquire my solo pilot’s license by the age of 16.
  • He supported me being involved with Civil Air Patrol (an auxiliary of the Air Force that searches for downed planes) during my high school years.
  • And he supported my then desire to join the military after graduation.
  • We bond over a game of bloody knuckles.
  • He let’s me practice hapkido moves on him so I can stay sharp.

If anything I suspect my dad is a bigger feminist than me. And I’m thankful for that even though he doesn’t want to admit it. 

I was listening to a podcast from The God Journey, I don’t remember which one (but they throw out comments regularly in support of women). And one of their guest speakers (I think) said that he became a feminist the moment he held his newborn daughter in his hands.

What man wouldn’t become a feminist with a daughter under his wings?

What man would want anything less for his daughter than equal opportunity?

What man wouldn’t want his daughter free to refuse a jackass wanting her to sit on his lap?


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