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Today at Diet Blog there is a post comparing a typical fast food breakfast to some home-cooked goodness. It got me thinking about when I was experiencing mucho success on my healthy lifestyle kick a few years ago. That kick worked because I was cooking most of my foods at home and avoiding fast food as much as possible.

I ate A LOT of food then too, but it was healthy and satisfying and cheaper than a cruise through the drive-through.

My breakfast looked like this:

1 c steel cut oats with a little flax, walnuts, cranberries and bran flakes thrown in (appx 200 cal)
2 egg whites, 1 whole egg with feta cheese and klamata olives – some days I’d add spinach and mushrooms (appx 150 cal)
A fruit of some sort (60-100 cal)
And my homemade latte with 8oz 1% milk, 2 shots of espresso and 1 tbsp of ghiradelli white chocolate powder (about 175 cal)

625 calories (wow!)

Lunch usually consisted of a meat and potato/grain left over from the night before and two servings of vegetables (usually about 500 calories). I’d have an afternoon snack of nuts or cheese sticks and a fruit (200 cal). And supper was usually another meat and grain cooked up with 2 servings of veg (again about 500 calories). Then I’d have a snack around 9pm consisting, usually, of frozen blueberries and plain yogurt (200 cal).

I lost 60 lbs eating that way. Breakfast was my most substantial meal of the day. I felt awesome. And knowing that I had a snack planned before bed helped me feel satisfied with my supper. And, I kinda suspect that having dairy in the evening was really helpful in my weight loss effort (though I have no science to back that suspicion).

So I’m trying to get back to that way of eating again. It was really satisfying and saved me money.


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