getting out of my way

Last year right about this time I started this blog. Posts have been few and far between and my intention to use this to get me revved for weight loss sorta fell by the way side.

One of the first posts I wrote talked about my plans to get it together and lose my extra weight. Since I’m still talking about it this year, obviously that didn’t happen. My planning and preparation never happened and my efforts stalled before I got into 1st gear.

Planning is so vital to success. Even more important is action. My efforts last year, my “trying,” got me know where because it was pitiful. 

If you just “try” you will fail.

This reminds me of a couple different quotes I’ve read over the past couple years. 

“Do or do not, there is no try.”   -Yoda-


“If you’re trying, you’re lying. If you’re trusting, you’re doing.” -OA Resources-

Over the years I’ve muttered and screamed  “I’m trying!” in regards to weight loss. And I was. I tried all kinds of ways to lose the weight; unhealthy ways and a few successful, healthy ways. Nothing has ever really stuck though because I start thinking that my success is all about me and all my efforts. 

Unfortunately, my efforts were meaningless when I was trusting in myself to make it happen. My efforts always fell short because I was trying to wring success out of a process that was forced to function without a key ingredient.

For whatever reason, my efforts fail when I lean on my efforts. But when I can relax and lean on something/someone outside myself, my efforts bear fruit. Leaning on a higher power nourishes my spirit and takes the pressure off the process. It allows the process to unfold and work as it needs to, with minimal interference from me.

Basically, I get in my own way. 

There’s 2 ways I do this:

  1. Winging It, failing to plan
  2. Planning and planning some more, without action

So I’m going to plan. I’m going to act. I’m going to get out of my way and lean on my higher power and trust Him to help me unscramble the mess I’ve made of my body. 

This week is going to be about planning. It’s also going to be about taking some small action. This week I will . . . 

  1. Walk after work at the Y at least 3 times this week.
  2. Finish cleaning/prepping the part of my basement dedicated to my exercise equipment.
  3. Clean out my freezer and cupboards, ridding it of the junk and convenience foods.
  4. Track the food I put into my mouth on FitDay.
  5. Dig out “The Sugar Solution” and read it.
  6. Figure out a food plan and create a food journal.
  7. Figure out a workout plan and create a workout journal.
  8. Avoid fast food.
  9. Spend 15 minutes a day in prayer/devotion/contact with my higher power.
  10. Take all my measurements and stats down.

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