Daily Archives: January 6, 2009

Rage Against the Diet Industry #1: Fat

I’m so fed up with diet advice. I’m tired of people and companies peddling their solution to the spare tire around my waist. And I’m tired of the media hawking nutrition/health related news with fear tactics. 

In the spirit of being fed up, I’m going to rage against some of the more ridiculousness assertions of the diet industry and hopefully supply a little reason.


First up: Fat

I’m talking about the fat in our foods, the stuff we ingest on a daily basis. A macronutrient that has been deemed evil by the majority of American’s thanks to the American Heart Association recommending low-fat, high-carb diets, and the media propagating the recommendation without a modicum of sense.

Enter the hysteria. 

American’s began shunning anything bearing fat grams and opted instead for the newly minted low-fat varieties of foods hitting the grocery store shelves. I remember this gaining steam in the mid 90’s because I was an influential teenager and thought my body needed a massive overhaul. I heard the “fat is bad” message and jumped on the bandwagon, enjoying some success in weight loss, but feeling incredibly hungry and unsatisfied in the process.

What the media failed to mention was that dietary fat is a healthy necessity to our daily functioning. According to the Mayo Clinic fat does the following for our bodies: Continue reading