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So in my decision to see if I can get fit enough to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), I did a little research. Turns out they test three areas of physical performance to assess endurance:

  • sit-ups
  • push-ups
  • 2-mile run

The test starts with push-ups, then sit-ups, and ends with the 2-mile run. Order is non-negotiable. 10-20 minutes of recovery time is allowed between tests. Push-up and sit-up tests are administered for 2 minutes and are based on the number of reps you can turn out in that time. The 2-mile run is based on how quickly you can run two miles.

Taking my age into account (currently 30) and my gender (female) I have to achieve the following minimum:


Out of curiosity, here’s what a guy my age needs to do to score the minimum and what a female would have to do to meet the male minimum requirements:


Then, for me to be performing at optimal levels (scoring 100), I need to achieve the following and a man would need to do the following:


It’s kind of interesting to look at. Especially find it interesting that men and women are expected to compete on the same level for sit-ups. Apparently we’re on equal footing in that area.

Looking at these numbers also helps me refine my goal(s) a little bit.

Goal 1: Meet the minimum requirements for me to enlist
Goal 2: Meet the minimum requirements for a man to enlist
Goal 3: Score 100 pts in each area for my age/gender

After I attain those three sequentially, I might consider a 4th goal of achieving the numbers a man would have to in order to score 100 pts in all areas. But I’m not sold on that yet. We’ll see how the first three go and if I really feel the need to reach for that level.

So, I’m kinda psyched about this. Hooyah!


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