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A few minutes ago I gave push-ups and sit-ups a try. Um, the army test is going to be harder than I thought. Ha!

First off were the push-ups. I got down into a beautiful plank position, all 318 lbs of me, but when I tried communicating to my arms/chest to start lowering me to the floor, they were like “are you shitting me?” and then started laughing at me.

Just for that, I forced them to lower me and they were like “oh, hell no!” and promptly turned to jello and dropped me to the floor. 

Then I was all like “I’ll show you!” and I got into plank position on my knees and did 10 girly push-ups. Suck that arms and chest. Ha! Who’s laughing now?

Push-ups are going to take some work.

Next was sit-ups. I have this funny shaped asian looking chair that I was able to brace my feet under and was then able to pop out 10 sit-ups in about a minute. I haven’t done sit-ups for at least 10 years (did a lot of crunches) so I’m starting out by bracing my feet and will get away from it as I get stronger and lighter.

Again, going to take some work.

So that’s my starting point: 10 girly push-ups and 10 assisted sit-ups. I’m looking forward to changing that.

Speaking of girly push-ups, I’m reminded of summer 2007 when I tried the Abs Diet. I signed up to use their online tool and during their assessment to figure out how much weight the system should have me lifting each workout, they ask me to do as many push-ups as I’m able before tiring.

They tell women to go ahead and do the push-ups on their knees if they need and enter that number. The problem is there’s no way to indicate that you did the push-ups on your knees so the system assumes that you’ve done regular push-ups. I weighed about 310 at the time but was a lot stronger and managed to pump out 30 reps. 

The system assumed I’d pumped out 30 push-ups in full push-up position at 310 lbs and it set me up to be bench pressing at least 180 lbs and doing other chest exercises with an insane amount of poundage. 

Actually it’s not that interesting of a story but I find it funny.

So anyway, starting point, here we are.


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