Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

a successful food plan

I’m working on piecing together my food plan and I’ve decided there’s really no point in reinventing the wheel. In 2005 I figured out a food approach that really worked for me so I’m going to do that again.

Initially I got the impetus to do this food plan from Dr. Phil. He sold it in his Ultimate Weight Loss Solution and it works. I think it’s been around for a while though in slightly altered forms and I think it’s used commonly in eating for diabetes.

Basically it’s the divided plate theory:

  • Divide your plate into 4 sections
  • 1 section is dedicated to a serving of protein
  • 1 section is dedicated to a serving of a whole grain or starchy veggie
  • 2 sections are devoted to veggies, salad, or a fruit and veggie

You do that 3 times a day and add in 2-3 snacks a day, preferably focused around dairy, fruits, and nuts.

So that’s what I’m going to do for my food plan.

I lost 60 lbs in 2005 doing this and it was relatively painless. Oh, I did also work in Dove dark chocolates for a snack. Usually no more than 2 after each meal.

And honestly, it seemed like the more nutritious stuff I ate, the greater my success. Instead of eating cheesecake for dessert, I’d have strawberries and chocolate fondue. And I ate easily two servings of strawberries dipped in chocolate. It was so good and so filling. And I still lost weight (did this maybe once a week, once every other week).

I’m tweaking a food journal that I created a few years ago¬†and I’ll probably share it on here for those interested.

I’ve already begun implementing this food plan. Getting into the habit of more veggies and fruits, less junk. It’s a retraining process.

Fitness-wise, I skipped the exercise today. Wiped out from a resurgence of my cold…entering week 4 of having it. Got some meds for it today. Going to try to hit the Y tomorrow.