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hope for today: jan 12th

Stubborn self-reliance wipes out the guidance and comfort available from my Higher Power.

–Hope for Today, Jan 12th

Hope for Today is a book written for families and friends of alcoholics (or addicts). Hope for Today posts will feature quotes from daily readings.


naming the beast

Tonight, without any planning, mainly on a whim, I went to an OA meeting. My first in close to a year. Hopefully the first of regular attendance once again (2.5 years since I attended regularly).

Two other people were there, regulars who basically carried on a conversation the whole time about OA and working the program and food addiction and compulsive overeating. I listened. I ate it up. It was so good to be in that environment again.

One thing they brought up is how compulsive eating stems out of stuffing emotions. Something I agree with, for myself. I feel, so I eat. Emotion rears it’s head, good or bad, and I eat. 

Happy, eat. Sad, eat. Angry, eat. Lonely, eat. Eat, eat, eat.

Then they said something that struck home. Identify the emotion, “name the beast.” 



Give it a name.

What a novel concept. What a simple and obvious solution. Naming it identifies it. Identifying it Continue reading


kettlebellIn reading my fitness magazines over the past year I’ve noticed more and more reference to kettlebells.

It’s good to see these little canon balls gaining in popularity, especially since they’re a very effective workout. But I have to admit I feel a little territorial about them, I don’t totally like the idea of them going mainstream and being the latest fitness fad. 

But putting aside the territorial feelings, I have to recommend them as an awesome fitness tool. These little puppies are going to be a part of me achieving my army strong challenge and a key to my fat loss goals.

So here are a few things about kettlebells:

  • originated in Russia as early as the 1700’s (probably earlier)
  • made of cast-iron
  • looks like a canonball wth a handle
  • an all-around fitness tool
  • replaces barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted pullups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment
  • if you’re overweight, they lean you out
  • if you’re skinny they add bulk
  • they develop strength, strength endurance, general endurance, work capacity and balance
  • they develop functional strength
  • they improve athletic performance

In reading this, it almost sounds like an infomercial. “This is the last piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever need! Buy now while supplies last!”

The reality of kettlebells is that you’re going to bust your ass making them work for you. They’re not for people who think pink dumbbells make them sweat too much. You’re going to be sucking air and dripping sweat with these mothers…and it rocks. 

Learn more about kettlebells here: