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bloody hell

I’ve had a cold/sinus infection since before Christmas. Finally this past Monday I went into the doctor and talked them into giving me antibiotics since the infection worsened over the weekend. Yeah drugs!

My infection went through phases of getting better and getting worse. It was getting better 2 weeks ago when I started dragging my ass to the gym. Then it got worse that Friday and i didn’t make it to the gym at all last week. Damn. 

I’m finally starting to feel human again and had plans to start going to the gym again next week. But saturday night I trekked out to my vehicle to carry in the rest of my wal-mart purchases and I biffed it on a patch of ice. My right leg slipped behind me and I banged down onto my knee before I had a moments time to react or catch myself (thankfully I didn’t pitch headfirst down the steps).

Mother f&@%ing ouch!!

As the pain set in I decided my most immediate action needed to be getting myself back inside. So I got myself up to me feet…I could stand so that should mean nothing is broken, right?

I took a couple steps and my knee started to feel wet. So i quickly got myself inside, slipped off my shoes and hauled up my pant legs to see what was going on. And there I saw blood covering most of my leg and a blood blister on my knee where i’d landed. 


I grabbed my cell, hobbled into the bathroom and started doctoring it up, pausing to take a photo and text it to some family and friends, and to distract myself from the fact that my leg was cut open and leaking an impressive amount of blood. I had to stop and bend over once to keep from hyperventilating myself into a panic attack but once that passed I finished doctoring and made my way to the couch with an ice pack. Got my let propped up and iced and then proceeded to watch a video and keep my cats from tackling the bandages on my new wound.

This puppy is going to leave a scar.

So now my knee is stiff, swollen, and sore. Plus it’s in just the right spot that if I bend my knee, the wound breaks open and I bleed a little more. And now, my plans to get back to the gym this week are possibly sidelined. Fuck.

I’m going to push myself to get back there at some point this week and start walking off the gimp, but it’s definitely going to be a slow start. At least I’m currently able to hobble around very nicely. So hopefully recovery will be quick.

In the meantime, I’ve got to eat cleaner than normal in the hopes that I can knock off a pound or so. And the army strong challenge is on hold for a bit until I can get around better. I still need to get my baseline numbers recorded so I know how far I have to go.


hope for today: jan 18th

…the path to peace is accepting the people, places, things, and situations I cannot change.

Hope for Today is a book written for families and friends of alcoholics (or addicts). Hope for Today posts will feature quotes from daily readings.

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