a primal diet

I’ve recently come across two different blogs that promote a very similar way of eating. It’s a way of eating that harkens back to caveman/neandrethal days when the human diet was basically what you could hunt or gather.

These blogs are:

Mark’s Daily Apple calls this way of eating ‘primal eating’ and he’s currently working on a book called “The Primal Blueprint” that details how a caveman named Grok would have eaten and lived. I’m looking forward to it’s release around April 2009. Read more about the primal eating plan here.

Refuse to Regain refers to a primal diet as the ‘Primarian Diet’ and the site’s contributor is a doctor who wrote a book based on this way of eating called, guess, Refuse to Regain.

warriordietA couple years ago I also read a book called The Warrior Diet that is basically the same concept but takes a slightly different approach by recommending how you time your meals. Basically through the day you eat raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and at night you have a full meal and eat as much as you want. It does prescribe a certain order in consuming your evening meal and recommends you stop eating when you start getting thirsty.

I did try this way of eating for a week and was surprised at how alert I was during the day. I know I didn’t approach it as dedicated as I needed to and I had a really difficult time retraining myself to eat completely contrary to 28 years of habit. So I did give up on it.

However, I do think it is a sound way of eating, primal eating that is. And it’s something that I want to explore more and integrate as I experiment with my food plan.


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