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yum: fav dessert

One of my favorite deserts, odd as it may be, is a thai dessert, mango and sweet rice. It is divine. A lovely combination of rice cooked in a coconut milk concoction and served with slices of mango. You have to find it in a thai restaurant and mango’s have to be in season (apparently late October they are out of season).

Being in the midwest (the real midwest in the middle of the country), thai restaurants are hard to come by. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve had sweet rice and mango from a restaurant. I’ve tried over the years to replicate this in my own kitchen and I’ve come close, but it’s just not quite there.

But now I may have stumbled upon a happy compromise. Coconut milk blended with mango chunks. If you use frozen mango chunks, you end up with a nice ice cream like dessert. It’s pretty good. I went without adding sugar to it since I’m trying to minimize the amount of sugar I consume. But coconut milk is quite sweet on it’s own so it was tasty.

So now, when the yen hits for some mango and sweet rice, I can at least partially satisfy it with a little coconut milk and mango blend. Mmmm.


fitness dvd review: iron core

Tonight I ventured back into kettlebell workouts with the DVD Iron Core Kettlebell Express. Sarah Lurie leads you through an uncomplicated, fast-paced, 20 minute kettlebell routine that, for the novice (me) gets the heart slamming and lungs heaving.ironcore2

I used an 18 lb kettlebell for starting out and during the circuits I had to set it down and just catch my breath once in a while. After working faithfully through the 1st circuit and gasping for air by the end, I eased up during the second run-through. I halved the number swings (or sometimes just took a break) intermingled between the various clean/squat/press combinations.

Kettlebell workouts incorporate full body movements and really work the quads because you’re doing a lot of squatting/semi-squatting. My legs are now shaky. And so are my arms and my hands from gripping the kettlebell. I feel like my ass has been thoroughly kicked and I’m glad for it. 

Things I like about this dvd: Continue reading

fun house mirrors

There is something beautiful in there that sin has twisted and corrupted. Let Me get in there with you.

The God Journey

Being the child of an addict, and an addict myself, there’s something off about the way I view and approach the world. It’s like walking through a house of mirrors; the one’s that stretch you up or out  and warp your body. My mind filter’s my experiences with the world through a fun house of mirrors and I’m not dealing with reality. Instead I have my warped impression of it, as seen through the fun house in my head.

I don’t know if I came out of the womb twisted and corrupted, or if it happened growing up with an alcoholic. There’s a few scriptures that talk about sin being handed down through the 3rd and 4th generations (Exodus 34:7). I kind of wonder if this struggle in my family is reflective of this scripture, because it didn’t start with my dad.

Regardless of where it started, there is hope. I’m not alone. There’s a great big God who wants to crawl into the middle of my fun house and help me see more clearly. I suspect he even wants to be the only mirror that I filter things through. 

And by filtering my experiences through him, I really see and can then become a better version of me.