fitness dvd review: iron core

Tonight I ventured back into kettlebell workouts with the DVD Iron Core Kettlebell Express. Sarah Lurie leads you through an uncomplicated, fast-paced, 20 minute kettlebell routine that, for the novice (me) gets the heart slamming and lungs heaving.ironcore2

I used an 18 lb kettlebell for starting out and during the circuits I had to set it down and just catch my breath once in a while. After working faithfully through the 1st circuit and gasping for air by the end, I eased up during the second run-through. I halved the number swings (or sometimes just took a break) intermingled between the various clean/squat/press combinations.

Kettlebell workouts incorporate full body movements and really work the quads because you’re doing a lot of squatting/semi-squatting. My legs are now shaky. And so are my arms and my hands from gripping the kettlebell. I feel like my ass has been thoroughly kicked and I’m glad for it. 

Things I like about this dvd:

  • follow-along dvd workout (this is still kind of rare in the kettlebell arena)
  • short and sweet
  • uncomplicated
  • ass-kicking
  • Good instruction
  • Bonus interview with one of her clients who started at 300 lbs


This one gets a thumbs up from me. Check it out if you’re getting started in kettlebells and don’t have instructor nearby.

Sarah Lurie, founded Iron Core in October 2004 in San Diego. Lurie is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) sanctioned by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and she is a certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor. Lurie is a Girevoy Sport Competitor and a Candidate for Master of Sports (CMS). CMS is the highest ranking a woman can achieve as a GS competitor.


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