fun house mirrors

There is something beautiful in there that sin has twisted and corrupted. Let Me get in there with you.

The God Journey

Being the child of an addict, and an addict myself, there’s something off about the way I view and approach the world. It’s like walking through a house of mirrors; the one’s that stretch you up or out  and warp your body. My mind filter’s my experiences with the world through a fun house of mirrors and I’m not dealing with reality. Instead I have my warped impression of it, as seen through the fun house in my head.

I don’t know if I came out of the womb twisted and corrupted, or if it happened growing up with an alcoholic. There’s a few scriptures that talk about sin being handed down through the 3rd and 4th generations (Exodus 34:7). I kind of wonder if this struggle in my family is reflective of this scripture, because it didn’t start with my dad.

Regardless of where it started, there is hope. I’m not alone. There’s a great big God who wants to crawl into the middle of my fun house and help me see more clearly. I suspect he even wants to be the only mirror that I filter things through. 

And by filtering my experiences through him, I really see and can then become a better version of me.



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