Daily Archives: March 3, 2009

fork me: temporarily forgot I had a blog…and health and fitness goals

Or something like that. I think it falls more within selective amnesia – no accident about it. Egad.

Okay, so yesterday I kind of wigged out and ate a whole box of a sugary marshmallow infested kids cereal. It was yum. Thankfully it wasn’t a giant box box, just the standard $2.50 box from Wal-mart. I polished off the majority of it between 6 pm and 7 pm. 

After 7 pm I was feeling a bit miserable. And since then I’ve been shizzing green. For future reference, bingeing on lucky charms will turn your shiz green.

But my little flip out was useful for knocking some sense into me. I’d been coasting the past month, kinda trying to lose weight, but not that seriously. I sorta ate healthy and occasionally exercised until I strained my knee and hamstring about 3 weeks ago. Since then have mostly been a lump on my couch in the evenings.

After my binge I decided I might as well see what the damage was of my little binge and month of slacking. At about 9 pm I was weighing in at 328 lbs That’s up 12.5 lbs from a few weeks ago (had dropped down to 315.5). 


So this morning I decided to see what I weighed after emptying my junk and thankfully it dropped down to 320.5. So I’m really only up about 5 lbs … 3 lbs from my original starting weight.

This was the first wake-up call.

Then this afternoon I had a work sponsored health screening where they checked the blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar. Everything was moderate risk except for my blood sugar (oddly that was good). 

So that was wake-up #2.

First and foremost, this is about my health…both mental and physical. I want to get to a point so I can get off of my blood pressure meds. And I still want to be in the kind of physical condition that I could pass the army enlistment test. Bottom line is that I wanna be kick-ass.

So I’m waking up again, coming out of the fog. 

Progress so far today includes eating 85% healthy, going for a walk after work (oi, did that suck, 3 weeks of couch potato kicked my ass) and finishing off my day with a relatively healthy snack of strawberries and a couple squirts of whip cream.