benefits of going primal

While checking in regularly with Marks Daily Apple, I came across some other “primal” blogs, one written by Marks son-in-law* called Son of Grok (SOG). 

In a recent post,  SOG goes into the improvements he’s seen in his life since going primal. It’s really exciting to read about his results, one’s I’d like to see for myself, and I’m more and more convinced I need to absolutely engage in this type of lifestyle.

To quickly summarize the improvements he’s seen:


  • Bad lipid profile including critically low HDL levels
  • An “emotional nightmare to be around” … severe mood swings and volatility that damaged relationships. Borderline bipolar and severe bouts of depression.
  • Difficult to work with on the job, shrewd, demanding, not understanding.


  • Extremely healthy lipid profile in less than 3 months
  • Hormone stabilization, no more mood swings and volatility … much improved relationships, even bringing his marriage back from the brink of divorce.
  • Much more pleasant to work with

This list doesn’t cover the physical improvements he’s seen, but in the couple pictures I’ve seen since starting to read the blog, SOG has a 6-pack.** 

Yeah, must go primal.

I go through periods where I’m extremely volatile and then I’m depressed. I do tend to have strong opinions on how we should do things at work and I tend to be blunt about it (which is weird because I’m generally a shy person). 

And my LDL/HDL are borderline. The HDL is in a good place but I’d like to drop the LDL a skoshe. Most definitely, I want to be off the blood pressure meds and hopefully have this stomach issue taken care of, whether it’s acid reflux or some mystery ailment. 

Got to figure out exactly how to go primal.

*Son of Grok commented below and cleared up a little confusion I had concerning his son-in-law status. For the record, SoG and Mark of Marks Daily Apple are of no relation at all. Sorry about that SoG and Mark! 

**SoG also shared the physical transformation he went through in the same comment. At 6’4, he went from 245 lbs/30% body fat to 188 lbs/10% body fat (guestimate on SoG’s part). That’s a 57 lb loss, most of which dropped off in the first 3-4 months. SoG also states his energy levels are sky high and he’s in the best shape of his life. Thanks for passing this info along SoG!


3 responses to “benefits of going primal

  • sonofgrok

    Hello! Thank you for the link. Cool blog you have here.

    For the record, I am in fact not Mark’s son-in-law. Mark and I are not related at all and I have never met him in real life! The “relations” jokes about me being family have to do with my pen name “Son of Grok”. Just wanted to clear up that confusion.

    As for physical benefits that I have seen from going Primal… I am 6’4″ tall and went from over 245#’s and over 30% bodyfat to 188#’s and guessing around 10% bodyfat (guessing as I have not actually measured it). The bulk of my weightloss occured within the first 3-4 months! I now have more energy than ever and would consider myself in the best shape of my life.

    Thank you again and good luck in your goals. Keep up the good work!

    The SoG

    • musajen

      SoG, thanks for clearing up my confusion on the relations, or lack of, with Mark. Sorry about that! And thanks for sharing your stats and experience with going primal.

      Do you have any suggestions for people wanting to go primal?

  • sonofgrok

    2 best pieces of advice I can give are:

    #1 – Just do it. It is so much easier than people think it is. Close your eyes and take that first step.

    #2 – One step at a time. Ease yourself into. I recommend starting by dropping all form of refined sugar (and HFCS!). Once that is down, then go to dropping all grains (including corn!). After that move onto the next thing… Trying to do everything perfectly at once is an almost sure recipe for failure.

    The SoG

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