getting primal: how to

After my little misinforming on Son of Grok and his kind correction, I asked him if he could share some pointers for starting on a primal journey. He was awesome enough to respond back with a couple of tips (you rock SoG!).

SoG’s comment is posted at the bottom of the above post but I’m going to repeat it here so you can stay put.

Part of me was expecting some do’s and don’ts or a general list of concepts for primal eating when I requested SoG’s input and I was all ready with my copy and paste functions to share that info if he responded.

Thankfully he didn’t provide a 7 Habits of Primal Eaters list: that would have totally distracted me from actually jumping into the primal way of life because I’d want to create a journal for the next 3 months and I’d then get hung up on what exactly I wanted to track. 

Brilliantly he broke it down into a couple simple concepts:

#1 – Just do it. It is so much easier than people think it is. Close your eyes and take that first step.

#2 – One step at a time. Ease yourself into. I recommend starting by dropping all form of refined sugar (and HFCS!). Once that is down, then go to dropping all grains (including corn!). After that move onto the next thing… Trying to do everything perfectly at once is an almost sure recipe for failure.

Genius in it’s simplicity.

Just do it. One step at a time.

The sort of obvious smack in the head that I need. Frequently. 

In case you’re not the kind of person who doesn’t need to be smacked into simple action, here is a guide to the primal eating plan over at Mark’s Daily Apple.


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