going primal: step one

Today was my first day setting out on the primal eating journey. I’m going with the “one step at a time” concept and chose to start off by cutting the sugary stuff out of my diet. Two exceptions to this, honey and dark chocolate, both allowed in miniscule amounts.

Of course, with this being day one, everybody at work decided to bring in sweets. There were brownies, brownie cookies, banana cake, fruit salad with sugar on it, and angel food cake with sweetened strawberries and whip cream.

By some miracle none of the sugar-laden treats appealed to me. I’m hopeful that there is a sense of commitment that is setting in and a desire to discipline myself for my greater good. 

We’ll see if it holds!

I’m going to focus on cutting out the sugar for the next week and then will move forward by cutting out all refined carbs (mainly for me this consists of pasta’s and breads). I’m still going to leave whole grains in for that week and then will move to wean myself of those the third week.

So I’m doing it. Rock on!


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