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I started my no sugar quest on Friday with the goal of avoiding added sugars and fake sweeteners and I’ve done pretty well since then (yay!). The fake sweetener route isn’t too hard to avoid since I rarely consume them in the first place and mostly I think they’re ick. I did buy some Truvia this weekend (supposed to be a natural sweetener) and felt pretty neutral about it so I think I’m giving it to a friend who uses stevia regularly. 

My only downfall in the no sugar quest was Sunday evening when I went out to eat and I was tired of drinking water and hot tea (I’m off caffeine so don’t do the iced or any other caffeinated hot teas). I decided hot chocolate was the ONLY thing I wanted to drink so after some deliberation I went with it. And it was sooo good.

One quirk I’ve been noticing is that I’m reaching for carbs more. I’m not sure if this is a physical substitution my body is making or a mental freak-out since I’m planning to cut out the grains, pasta’s, popcorn and breads come next Monday. I suspect it’s more mental than physical – that familiar “get it while you can” knee-jerk reaction when something is about to be unavailable. 

It’s funny how the thought of eliminating grains and such is borderline panic inducing. If I’ve ever doubted that I have an unhealthy relationship with food, here’s more evidence for the jury. Argh.

Another quirk I’ve noticed is that I’m reaching for fruit more. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but my veggie consumption has dwindled in the process and I can’t have that. Fruits will be my savior when it comes to craving something sweet but I’m going to need to watch my intake of them pretty closely so I don’t overdo the carb consumption. 

Sweet Discovery: Frozen Dark Cherri’s from Dole are the ultimate sweet treat and 1 cup only has 20g of carbs, so I’m planning to make that a regular inclusion in my diet; perhaps the perfect conclusion to the day. 

Overall, I’m tentatively stoked about this primal eating plan. There is a gnawing fear of deprivation and ultimately, failure. But I’m just going to focus on taking it one day at a time. 

And so far I think I can say “it rocks!”


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