primal observations

I’ve been off sugar since March 6th ’09 and off grains/breads since March 16th. 

I’ve done Atkins before and when I did it I was in college and at the mercy of the school cafeteria. I think I lasted a couple weeks and then packed it in. My main complaint was hunger and cravings for carbs. I definitely wasn’t getting enough food then.

Having my own kitchen is making the shift to primal so much easier than when I attempted Atkins and thankfully I’m able to eat enough and stay satisfied.

I’m noticing other things too:

  • I don’t feel stuffed after a meal even though I’ve consumed a substantial volume of vegetables and meat and fat.
  • When i do get hungry, it’s not an urgent “FEED ME NOW DAMNIT BEFORE I GNAW OFF MY ARM!” Instead, I feel the hunger, it’s there, but it’s not interfering with my concentration or general functioning.
  • My energy levels are good and steady…I’m not revving and crashing like I used to.
  • I’m drinking more water because I’m thirsty, not because I feel obligated to down it for an arbitrary daily serving.
  • Generally, I just feel more “ON” – a switch has been flipped.

There’ve also been some odd reactions:

  • Someone at work popped open a soda and instantly I craved a DIET pepsi. This is really weird because I don’t like diet pop. Back in the day when I was drinking pop (It’s been about 6 mo since I gave that up) I always reached for a regular Coke. 

Okay, I guess that’s really the only weird reaction I’ve noticed other than cravings for pizza and tortilla’s (had fajitas at the local mexican place today and opted to just have the meat and veggies and talked them into adding mushrooms and giving me some avocado slices).

I am realizing how important it is for me to plan ahead and have meals on hand. Today was a struggle because i didn’t have any food ready for cooking (hence  lunch at local mexican joint) and a rotisserie chicken for dinner. 

Being unprepared is a time bomb waiting to go off if I don’t take steps to have meal options readily available and ready to roll within a few minutes.


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