wild thing: part 1

Do you ever feel like there’s a wild thing inside you? An uninhibited creature pacing back and forth, back and forth, looking for a means of escape. It struggles to claw it’s way to the surface on occasion, but mostly you’ve learned to tamp it down. And each time you stifle the wild thing it seems a little more removed than the last time, a little more disconnected. The wildness dims.

Maybe it curls up in a cold corner of your being, momentarily defeated by the chains you’ve used to bind it – locked behind doors and bars so it can’t escape.

It mourns the disconnect. And you mourn it too.

You know the wild thing is an integral part of you, the real you. You want to let it out and meld with it and know what the real you feels like again. 

You ache to know the real you, to be uninhibited and free of the chains and bars and doors you caged this part of yourself within. Sure, other people helped you put them up, but you’re the gatekeeper, the key holder.

And you’ve adjusted to this half-life you live and change is scary. You’re afraid so you keep the doors and bars and chains securely fastened. 

And all the while, the wild thing is restless, pacing, making it impossible for you to completely ignore it. Its presence haunts you and you can’t find peace.


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