organic dairy & a health food store adventure

Recently I ventured through the doors of one of our local health food stores. It’s a smaller store and is run by a woman and her daughter. I was in there a couple years ago and the owner talked my ear off and talked me into spending money on products I never did use.

I was hesitant to return.

But I remember that they carried Nutiva brand oils and I wanted to see if they had coconut oil. I took a chance and ventured in. An hour later I walked out, ear talked off, but elated at my finds; a lot of coconut products, and organic raw cheeses, butters, and organic milk.

I’ve never been a milk drinker (eww!) but after reading the Real Food chapter on dairy, I was intrigued about what real milk might taste like (or as real as we can legally purchase it in my state).

farmers'So I bought a half gallon of their whole, grass-fed, vat-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk. It’s a brand called Farmers’ All Natural Creamery and when I had my first taste, I was stunned. What was this sweet, creamy fluid that my taste buds were demanding more of?

NO WAY could this be milk! I drank the first half gallon in 3 days. I’m on my second now and trying to pace myself. Dear Lord this stuff is heaven!

Now I know milk isn’t technically primal, so I’m going to have to decide if this is an indulgence I’ll continue to allow.

Milk naturally has a high sugar content, around 8 grams, so I can see myself going overboard with it (I’ve considered chugging the bottle dry in one sitting). But then, if I can rein it in, 8 grams of sugar isn’t horrible, especially since it’s a whole food – at least that’s my justification.

I guess we’ll see what I do with this.

I also tried the raw cheddar cheese and YUM. It’s aged right around a year so it’s not real extravagant, wish I could find older cheese in my area (will keep searching) but it has a good sharp flavor and is delish with an apple.

Things I’m looking forward to stocking up on from my new favorite store: unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut oil, coconut flour, powdered coconut milk, raw cacao (powdered and bits). 

And supposedly the owner of the health food store has a recipe for making a chocolate mouse with avocado’s. Sounds yum, but not exactly primal. Though she cooks with avocado all the time so I’m hoping to pick up some recipes from her.


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