cottonseed oil

A couple weeks ago I was at Walgreens and I happened to notice a package of macadamia nuts for only $0.99 and I thought, “oh that’d be a good primal snack.” So I grabbed it and bought it and then forgot about it for a couple days.

When I decided to eat them a couple days later I tore the package open and tipped some into my mouth and OMG! I became ravenous. They tasted so good, the salt, the oil – what kind of oil was this? I looked at the package and it was cottonseed oil. 

“Huh, I wonder if that’s any good for me….”

Then I proceeded to down the package and study the nutritional values…turns out macadamia nuts only have about 4 grams of protein per serving, so might not be the best nut to munch in the future. Oh, and turns out there were 2 servings of nuts in there.

So I’ve been wondering if cottonseed oil is something I should be eating. My knee-jerk reaction is “no, why would I want to eat anything that’s part of the cotton plant? that’s not food.” Turns out I may have something there.

The next day after my wondering there was a post on Free the Animal regarding Crisco. It’s cottonseed oil! It’s a Franken Oil!!! There was also a link to a post over at the Protein Power blog talking about Crisco. Interesting stuff.

Okay, so that was good to know. And then today I came across another site, Whole Health Source, that was looking at causes of coronary heart disease and it reviewed the bad fats and oils – the real culprits. Also interesting stuff.

What sealed the fate of cottonseed oil for me? The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. There is virtually no omega-3’s in cottonseed oil and over half of the fat is attributed to omega-6 fats. Yikes!

So, sadly, no more of those Walgreen macadamia nuts for me. Okay, maybe it’s not so sad, my tastebuds will mourn a moment and then I’ll go eat some coconut oil. Mmm.


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