you’re fat and it’s your fault fatty!

How many times do overweight and obese people run up against this attitude:

You’re fat because you eat to much and you sit around all day you big fat fatty so quit stuffing your fat face and start moving your fat ass. And don’t tell me that you’re eating less and you’ve been exercising. If you had been doing that, you’d still be losing weight. You’re lying. 

It’s always the failure of the dieter. Society blames them when they can’t maintain a diet that flies in the face of their bodies natural function. How dare they give in and feed their hungry body? fatbastard

There’s an interview with Gary Taubes over at Testosterone Muscle called Eat Your Lungs out While Getting Leaner by Joseph Brandenberg. In the interview, Taubes addresses this phenomenon of maligning people’s character for the failure of a diet.

He points out that we clearly agree with the notion that hormones regulate vertical growth and that our bodies demand we overeat when going through growth spurts. But the same science that embraces this idea of growth hormones does not allow for it to influence horizontal growth. So being overweight is embraced as a character defect instead of the metabolic defect that it really is.

The article goes on to show that we’ve known insulin was involved in fat accumulation since the 1960’s but the “eat less calories” brigade had more muscle behind it to get the word out – they were able to shout louder than the insulin crew. 

Charlotte Young, a nutritionist from Cornell was then the opposing force to the “eat less calories” science community. In her lab she conducted a study where she kept calorie and protein levels constant and progressively reduced carb intake and increased fat intake. Every step of the way, she noted that the fewer carbs consumed, the greater the weight loss her subjects experienced.

I’d like to hug Charlotte Young. 

As an obese person, I’ve faced this attitude of “it’s all my fault and I’m not being honest about what I’m putting in my body.” Sure, sometimes i wasn’t being honest about it or I just didn’t care and wanted to eat what I wanted to eat. 

But there have been countless times I’ve put in an honest effort, I even white-knuckled it for a solid year once and lost 60 lbs, but I eventually felt the sting of shame and failure. And that is never inspiring.

I’m relieved to know there is a mounting evidence to show my obesity is not necessarily due to my being weak and lacking will power. 

Ironically, the very diets I adhered to sent me further down my path of obesity with their high-carb, low-fat mantra. Frankly, these “eat less calories” scientists with their low-fat mantra owe me a big fat apology. I hope I get to see the day when their world is turned upside down and they are revealed for the fools they are.

In the meantime I will continue down this path of primal eating and watch in amazement and relief as my body is repaired from the havoc wreaked upon it by years of low-fat, high-carb diets.


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