leveling out

I think I can safely say that I’ve been primal for a solid 2.5 days now. I’m starting to notice the bad breath and smelly urine I had when I got my body into a state of ketosis several years ago when trying the Atkins diet. 

Brunch today was 4 scrambled eggs, 5 slices of bacon, 1 cup of strawberries with about 1/4 cup of cream poured over the top. YUM. I love eating like this without guilt. Nothing like flipping conventional wisdom the proverbial bird. 

I’ve been working towards being primal for about 2 months now. I started out really good and then got lazy and my efforts became half-hearted. I did throw off the idea of “low-fat” and have made a conscious effort to consume more good fats (coconut oil, nuts, avocado’s, olives, some olive oil) and I find myself less hungry. 

I especially like that I don’t seem to crash anymore after my meals. They have staying power and when I do start getting hungry again, It’s not a psycho ravenous MUST EAT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW!!! kind of hungry. I don’t get sick to my stomach from the hunger and I’m not lightheaded, foggy, and “out of it.”

I’m loving this switch and so is my body.


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