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One year ago my blogroll looked completely different. I was fond of several diet blogs and for the most part enjoyed them. But some of my favorites started fizzling out and then I discovered Marks Daily Apple

Good information is no match for whiney dieters and the diet blogs I frequented started to annoy me, especially in light of the information I was gleaning and my general annoyance with low-fat everything.gijane

Plus, a lot of those diet blogs seemed to be a funnel for any and all diet advice; there wasn’t necessarily one constant message and they mostly regurgitated the leading dietary news. 

Only 3 blogs have survived my blog list from a year ago; one is concerned with discrimination against the obese, one is a diet news regurgitation machine that attracts a lot of fat haters, and one is mecca of conventional diet wisdom and celebrity diets. 

Honestly, I read the last two sites so I can shake my head in disbelief over the repackaging of the same information over and over and over. And I’m always surprised by the hateful comments posted about obese people – unfortunately people are still engaging in playground-esque teasing and bullying but packaging it in bigger words and more thought out justifications for their bigotry.

I’ve always been a rough and tumble chick; three brothers do that to an only girl. I’m a tomboy at heart and don’t have a lot of patience for whiney, wimpy, girly attitudes (though the minute I get whiney and wimpy, totally allowed – hypocritical I know). 

But at the same time, I think I’ve gotten too girly and this whole primal living quest sort of calls to the wild tomboy that has retreated in recent years. In the primal living quest I’ve identified about 10-15 blogs I like to follow and I love the company I’m keeping now.

They speak to me at a level I identify with much more fully than general diet bloggers. They “tickle my tomboy” and I’m grateful for that reminder. I’m a little more like myself when I read their words and am inspired to keep feeding the tomboy in me. Hooyah!


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