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I’ve been continuing my way through Primal Body – Primal Mind and I’ve hit some information that really flies in the face of what I’ve generally accepted as true.


In the book the author address protein consumption and almost vilifies excess protein consumption. She maintains that the average adult only needs 45-55 grams of protein each day, maybe 10 g more for elite athletes – this is about the equivalent of the recommended daily allowance.

I’ve generally accepted the recommendation of 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein for each pound of lean body mass I carry which would require me to eat around 100+ grams of protein each day. 

So what to do? The author of PB-PM shares that excess protein is converted into sugar and then stored as fat in the body if it’s not used to repair cells and replenish amino acids (and whatever else protein does in the body).

This is something I’m going to have to ponder for a while and research a little more. Eventually I suppose I’ll experiment, but I think I have bigger fish to fry by cutting out the carbohydrates. 

In the end, it’s going to have to be something I can live with and if that means eating more protein, well, that’s what it means. And it’s a reminder to take everything I read with a grain of salt, weigh and measure it, and in the end, decide if it’s right for me and my goals.

~~~~~~~~ Protein recommendations from The Primal Blueprint~~~~~~~~

I’ve begun reading The Primal Blueprint and I skipped ahead to see what Mark Sisson has to say about protein consumption. . . .

  • Minimum: 0.5 g per lb of lean body mass per day (LBM/D)
  • Moderately Active: 0.7 g per lb of LBM/D
  • Active: at least 1.0 g per lb of LBM/D

Sisson also makes mention of excess protein being converted into glucose and possibly stored as fat but he doesn’t note this as a bad thing. If you’re eating low-carb, you don’t have a lot of insulin zipping around in your body so you’re less likely to horde your fat stores. When the energy demand is there, your body will release it’s fat stores.

So, load off my mind. I’ll stick with around 100 g of protein per day and focus on keeping the carbs low.


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