benefits of eating fat

You don’t get good at burning fat by constantly burning sugar.

~Nora Gedgaudas

So I’ve been progressing on my primal journey – still not at 100%, maybe about 80% right now (have kept that going for about 5 days – yeah!). I haven’t noticed a weight loss yet but I have noticed my love handles protrude a bit less. I’ve lost about an inch from them so SOMETHING is happening, even with my diet being about 50-60% fat.satfat

Suck that you low-fat nazi’s!…please excuse my outburst.

So anyway, in further reading of Primal Body – Primal Mind, the author mentioned a diet developed by a couple British researchers (Gaston Pawan and Alan Kekwick). The diet they developed is “the most dramatically effective weight loss approach ever researched.”

Here’s the logistics of it:

  • Consisted of 1,000 calories per day
  • 5 meals consisting of 200 calories each were served every 4 hours
  • The meals were almost pure fat (90%)


  • This diet has shown overwhelming superiority in burning body fat to even total fasting
  • And no other weight loss regimen has ever come close to matching this diet’s ability to burn off stored fat

Chew on that low-fat nazi’s! …. Mmmm, tastes like gristle!

So why does it work? Basically, because there is no source of sugar, the body is forced to burn fat. Also, the presence of fat calms leptin levels and assures the brain that food is available so your metabolism stays revved.

Of course, the author points out that a 90% fat diet is not practical, advisable, or sustainable long-term. So the practical, advisable, sustainable take-away is that eating fat without carbohydrates does help burn A LOT of fat.

Take my smaller love handles as proof positive.


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