link fest

Because sometimes there are no words . . .

Over at Mark’s Daily Apple you can get excellent tips (99 to be exact) on how to save money on food AND, bonus, you can also learn how to wake up without an alarm. chain_link

Also at Mark’s Daily Apple (in case you haven’t noticed, I heart MDA) you can see him take issue with the low/no-fat food options available on the market. Avoid the inner isle’s of doom at the supermarket boys and girls. 

I want to take a moment point out that MDA has a forum for discussion of all things primal. If you’re curious about this way of eating/living and considering giving it a go, the people on the forum are a great resource. Grok on!

Along the frugal line and saving money on your food, check out these other posts . . . Being Frugal with Your Wellbeing and Tips for Saving Money at the Farmer’s Market.

Over at Free the Animal there’s a post sharing the author’s experience of talking about his primal journey. Keep it simple stupid (not the author, the guy he was talking to) is what comes to mind when I read it, a very pleasant side effect of primal eating as evidenced in the post.


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