One aspect of being primal is intermittent fasting. The idea stems from the fact that our primal hunter/gatherer ancestors most likely went for short periods of time without food. Maybe prey evaded them for a day or two and vegetation was scarce.

The point being is that fasting was a normal experience of the hunter/gatherer and it’s not something we should be afraid of either.

In a newsletter called ‘The Primal Blueprint Insider” (a supplemental newsletter from Mark’s Daily Apple for those who have purchased The Primal Blueprint), Mark challenged his readers to skip their next meal. I read that around 6:30 am this morning and took it as a sign that I should skip my next meal. I’d been pondering that very thing the evening before.

So I skipped breakfast. And it was good. I was slightly hungry, but it was a hunger that kept me alert and focused, probably a necessary survival mechanism for our hunter/gatherer ancestors. 

I broke my fast with lunch and have continued with normal mealtimes since then, however I think this will become a regular habit. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to cook and the alertness was a great side-effect. Eventually I will work up to day long fasts but in the meantime, I’ll stick with missing an occasional meal until I’m more confident in my primal journey.


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