overindulging dairy

A while back I posted about my discovery of organic whole milk. Yum. The health food store that stocks it offers a 10% discount if you buy a case (6  half gallons) and since they order every 3 weeks, I bought 2 cases to split with a friend. I also bought a case of cream and tried a bottle of half and half. The order arrived on friday.

As of right now (about 50 hours) I’ve drunk 90% of the half gallon of whole milk, the whole bottle of half n half (a quart) and a quart of cream. I drank most of this out of a glass, though the cream usually ended up on blueberries. I did take a few big gulps of the cream right out of the carton once too.

Um, so I’m thinking that’s going to have to stop. Primal eating generally recommends against dairy so I’ll have to seriously consider that recommendation – especially where milk is concerned. Real milk seems to encourage overindulgence in me and I doubt that’s going to work well in my primal eating. When I take a drink of the milk, I end up chugging the glass very quickly. The sweetness of it is very surprising and I suspect that is what is driving me to guzzle. 


But I do want to be healthy and this overindulgence isn’t going to help that pursuit. So I will limit myself to one glass of milk per day and allow myself a smidge of cream in my eggs and a little poured over berries (wonderful dessert).

Now I’m off to practice restraint.


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