getting it together

This is turning into week one of getting my stuff together. And I like it.

My food plan has been great – I’ve been successfully primal in my eating except for a mild sidetrack today when I met a friend for chinese food. I still made sure to make good primal choices, but I did allow myself to splurge on crab rangoon, an eggroll, and small piece of a swirl cake they always have on their dessert bar. Compared to what I used to consume at the dessert bar, this is a HUGE improvement. And I have to say, I LOVE chicken on a stick.

I’ve also been rocking the workouts. I swam laps at the YMCA on Monday where I was required to share my lane with 3 other people so I had to keep moving. I rested tuesday and then did a short kettlebell workout and repeated the push-up and sit-up test I did on Saturday. This time around I managed 25 push-ups (on my knees) and 20 sit-ups (arms flailing) within 2 minutes each. Rock on!

Today my butt and thighs and abs and arms and chest are like “WTF did we ever do to you!?” But I feel pretty awesome about it – especially since I hit the Y again and swam laps tonight.

I’ve got some good momentum going here and I love it. LOVE IT!


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