the cost of fatties

I buzzed by USA Today this afternoon and came across the following article: Cost of treating obese patients soars to $147 billion. After reading it, I’m just pissed off.

Why I’m pissed:

  1. The diseases attributed to obesity include: heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, and “other” diseases.

    Argh!!! First of all, correlation DOES NOT equal causation. Maybe these diseases happen to accompany obesity because the same factors causing these diseases also cause obesity! Becoming a part of the low-carb/primal movement has really opened my eyes to the craptasticness of the nutritional value of our food system. We’re basically subsisting on nutritionally bankrupt food, also known as carbs (including whole grains, pasta’s, and bread).

    And what is classified as “other” diseases? My guess would be some kind of joint problems, which to me seems the most obvious health problem that would come out of being obese. Still, given my weight, the only time my knees ache is when I’ve worn high-heels. And I’ve never broken a bone thanks to the bone density that is aided by my weight.

  2. The article was released at a government meeting convened for the purpose of “reducing obesity and increasing activity.”Yeah, the government should totally continue sticking their nose into this issue because they’ve done such a bang up job the past 30 years with their ever-changing nutritional recommendations. Still, no matter how much they change the nutritional recommendations, they don’t get it right because they won’t let go of the low-fat/high-carb mantra.

    Eating 300 grams of carbs a day is NOT going to make this country thinner and healthier. It’s going to continue feeding the obesity epidemic and increasing the likelihood of these “obesity-related” diseases. (banging my head on my desk!).

  3. “If you really want to rein in health-care dollars, you have to get people dieting, exercising and living a healthier lifestyle,” (Eric Finkelstein, a health economist with RTI International).On the surface, I can’t really argue with the sentiment here; it would be great if we could get everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. But looking at it from a paranoid, untrusting perspective – having followed the rules and gotten fatter in the process – I don’t trust any government or non-profit think tank when they start talking about getting people to do something.

    The adage “give them an inch, they’ll take a mile” could fit here. Let “them” make health recommendations and soon the obese are deposited on government sponsored fat farms because it’s in the best interest of the fat people, the nation, the economy…take your pick.

I think it is eery how concerned people are about obesity. It freaks me out a little and I wonder if neighbors would turn on me with a little urging from the government or special interest groups.

“Obesity is the biggest single reason why health-care costs are rising. We can save lives and money through lifestyle interventions.”

Next step? Intrusive lifestyle interventions.


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