my iPod and Nike+

Last week I couldn’t find my iPod Shuffle. I searched everywhere trying to find it but it eluded me for the whole week. While searching for it, I came across articles that were talking about Nike+ and the handy distance/time/pace tracking it does.

It occurred to me that this might be handy for my army strong challenge and that whole aspect of having to run 2 miles (ugh). But what a great tool for tracking my progress and motivating me, right?

So I started contemplating the new-found fortune of losing my iPod. I could REPLACE IT with a Nano, get the Nike+ and start kicking my butt. Saturday evening I gave up on finding my Shuffle, and on resisting the urge to buy a new iPod. I bought the Nano, in orange, and took apple up on the offer to engrave it. My engraving?

I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself.

It’s winging it’s way towards me right now and I’m elated. Then Sunday night I’m digging through my purse and what do I find? My Shuffle tucked into a corner, well disguised by a bunch or old receipts.


But oh well. The new iPod is still on it’s way to me with the handy dandy Nike+ tool. And I think it will be very useful, so I’m psyched about it. However, more proof that the moment you stop looking for something, you find it.

Will keep you posted on what I think of the Nike+!


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