pbc: day 2 update

On day 2 of the Primal Blueprint Challenge I did really good sticking close to my 50g or less carbs. I did go over by 3g but I don’t think I’m going to sweat that. Especially since I had some great quality protein today. Feeling sooo satisfied.

Today I got adventurous and tried a new vegetable I hadn’t tried before…patty pan squash. YUM. I sautéed it in a little bacon grease and added some fresh basil and salt and pepper towards the end. It was yum. I also had some wonderful sirloin tips with sautéed mushrooms. Delish.

So here’s the recap for the day. Like I said, 3g over, but I’m not going to sweat it. Considering it a success anyway. Wooo! Also, I’m still reminded of how difficult it is to keep your carbs so low and still eat fruit and vegetables. Must choose them carefully.

Picture 1


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