woh- what happened?

I was rockin’ along really well on the Primal Blueprint challenge that first week and then I sorta flipped over the weekend and ate a full box of pudding made with the best milk in the world (Farmer’s All Natural Creamery). I never bounced back from it. I tried fairly diligently that next week but then I crashed and burned over the weekend once again.lfrustrated

After that I just sorta gave up. I think part of it was an aversion to being involved in something that suddenly “everyone” was plugged into. That, and it was eat, sleep, shit Primal Blueprint Challenge over at Mark’s Daily Apple and I think there was just too much “noise” – it detracted from the challenge for me.

Or maybe these are just convenient excuses I latched onto because I didn’t really want to do the challenge? Who knows.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the challenge being over and everything settling down over at MDA. And I’m looking forward to not having this half-hearted commitment hanging around my neck like an albatross.

So now I’m hitting the reset button and getting myself back on track eating yummy fat and protein and some veggies and fruits. It was definitely time to get back to the good stuff because my acid reflux was rebounding – urgh. Today has been very medicinal for that.

I’m hitting a mental reset button too because I had plans to get together with a guy I’ve been crushing on for about 9 months and he’s once again bailed because he found himself a new girlfriend. FRICK!! I’m pissed and I need to ride this anger into a kick-ass workout program (something that has been lacking in this primal journey).

So that’s my update.


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