grrr arrghh!!

My labor day weekend was 90% awesome and 10% painful. Part of the awesomeness… seeing WWE Raw wrestling live (I now HEART Randy Orton – though I’m a little hesitant to admit it yet – to John Cena, sorry, but I’m breaking up with you – ha, in the dreams of my delusional little mind). MutantEnemy

Also part of the awesome:

  • Shopping!!
  • Did I mention WWE Raw Wrestling?
  • Spending time with a guy I like (not Orton, a real live guy)
  • Getting stalked by guy’s ex-girlfriend all night after wrestling (creepy and exhilarating)
  • A bit of “under cover” action
  • Celebrating grandma’s 100th birthday
  • Hanging out with family
  • Coming home

The 10% painful part comes with me having another clumsy moment…apparently I have a quota to fill about every 6 months. I’m putting down a little patio area in my yard and so I picked up patio blocks from a home improvement store while I was out of town.

To move things along and get back to the fun shopping I helped load the blocks in my SUV. In the process I stepped on a broken chunk, turned my right ankle, fell on my left knee, and pitched forward holding one of the 42 lb patio blocks and slammed my knuckles into the asphalt. My knuckles look like I repeatedly punched a patio block, they’re bruised and scraped and hurt.

This also pricked my pride because of the family gathering on Saturday. My family picked on me and I couldn’t sock my dad or brother’s while they continually gave me grief over my clumsiness. Grrrr, arghhh!

And here I was with good intentions to start a serious exercise regimen this week to. I think swimming will have to be the answer to that. <sigh> I was really looking forward to kicking my ass.

On the other hand, seriously entertaining stories to tell. Hope I can heal quickly.


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