frankenfoods: messing up a good thing

I was wandering through the baking aisle today at the Stuff-Mart and looking at this wide array of oils that they’ve added to their usual stock (yeah variety!). As I was perusing the olive oils, I came across the following hybrid of canola oil and olive oil.

OlivExtraMy first thought was “Grrreeeeeeaaaaat. Way to mess up a good thing Pompeian.” From a primal perspective, seriously, what are they thinking?

In general, why does the food industry have this compulsive need to mess with good, natural, wholesome food. Do they honestly believe that they are really and truly enhancing their product? Or are they just throwing leftover crap in, spinning it as “good”, and seeing how many unwitting suckers will buy their message and their product in the name of doing something good for their health?

Products like this are fueled by money. Creating the above is essentially a watering down of the final product. They mix the expensive ingredient, in this case Olive Oil, with an aesthetically similar and less expensive ingredient, canola oil (hugely inferior to Olive Oil). Then they make it look like they’re doing you a favor and charge you more for the “value” that they have added to it.

This drives me MAD. Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad. MAD!!! Bang my head against the wall in frustration kind of mad. So I’m going to do posts on the different frankenfoods I see out there, include pictures, and rage at the arrogance of the companies churning out this swill and expecting us to thank them with our dollars.

And what can we do to discourage the messing around with our food? Don’t buy the food companies swill.


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