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Since I got a comment today from someone enthusiastic about kettlebells and asking if I’d stuck with them, I decided I better get back to working out with them.

Tonight I wedged myself off the couch and did about 10 minutes total of kettlebell work (gasping by the end of it). I used the Tabata Spring timing (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) and did the following:

  • Warm-up with 2 Turkish get-ups each side
  • Swings (right)
  • Swings (left)
  • Cleans (right)
  • Cleans (left)
  • Squats
  • Good Mornings
  • Snatches (right)
  • Snatches (left)
  • Overhead press (right)
  • Overhead press (left)
  • Cool down

Yeow! I feel good! Na na na na na na na….

A good start I think, especially since it’s been about 4 months since I worked with Kettlebells. I’ll keep using the Tabata Sprint timing and gradually add minutes, exercises, and increase weight as I increase my fitness.

Also, I discovered a woman I think is kinda inspiring. Pamela MacElree. I think she’s connected with Kettlebell Athletics and you can find a lot of video’s of her out on YouTube with both her own account and Kettlebell Athletics. What I like most about her – she’s not a waif. And I kinda suspect that if I could drop all my extra weight, I’d have a figure like hers. Motivation baby, yeah.


One response to “off my arse

  • Scott Stransky

    Congrats on getting back on the (cast) iron horse! There’s nothing quite as exhausting and delightfully painful as Tabata Protocol with kettlebells (though I’ve heard the Viking Warrior Workout is just ridiculously brutal). Keep up the great work…you’ll get the changes you’re looking for in no time!

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