The Cure: w2

So I’m wrapping up week 2 on the 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle. Week 1 went smashing and I dropped 7.5 lbs. Hurray! Week 2 has proven to be a challenge – unfortunately I cheated Wednesday night with some egg nog and it’s been mostly downhill since then. Argh.

Part of the struggle has been the impending dread and arrival of the lovely aunt flo (the bitch!). Thankfully I’ve only put back one of those pounds I lost. So I’ve got to shake this frustration off and get some stick-to-it-iveness back.

Tomorrow is my last day on the 3-shake, 1 meal plan and then I switch over to eating mostly animal products and vegetables. YUM. I’ve missed having a filling breakfast in the AM. Now I have really liked the convenience of the shakes and I’m kind of thinking about keeping them for lunch. It definitely saves me time and lowers my food bill, but I need to decide if it’s worth the expense of the protein powder.

Overall I think it has been good doing the challenge. The first week was an excellent exercise in discipline and, well, the second week has been a lesson in perseverance and trying again. So as I enter week three, I’ll celebrate the joy of eating yummy whole food more often and still work on that discipline.

I’m also going to commit to doing at least 15 min of exercise per day. Yeah for crazy food plans in between holidays!


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