four months later

Okay, so it’s 4 months beyond the New Year and my commitment to not have resolutions has worked out peachy. On the other hand, I haven’t done much this year to move from Point A (New Years) to Point B (A Better Me). Self-improvement has stalled.

I’m really having a hard time letting go of the sugar and starches. I start out every week doing pretty good and then I reach a point where I’ve been tempted by too much crap and I falter head-first into some sugary decadence.

It doesn’t help that there are new treats in the break room just about everyday. And my best friend who works with me has recently started setting out a candy dish on her desk so every time I stop by her padded cell the candy taunts me.

Son of a b***h!

Now it’s time to find some plausible solutions to my dietary flailing’s. Really, the only way I can see avoiding the temptations is to plan every morsel of food out for the week, prep all the ingredients (or at least as much as is plausible so nothing spoils), and prepare what I can ahead of time.

I have a planning system set up in Numbers but it is sort of time consuming. I wish there was a simple way to plan out my meals and organize for the prep work. Anybody know of some useful solutions for this?

Something I’m also going to start doing is monitoring my blood sugar after meals. It’ll be good to see some real-time results of the food I put in my body. Hopefully this will help me to make better food choices and avoid all those sugar/starchy things I’m so enamored with.

I think I’ve just realized this is a terribly dull post so I’m going to shut up before I get annoyingly dull.


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