Happy Birthday and Other News

Happy Birthday too me!!!

My 32nd birthday has just passed me by. I was all set for a lot of fan fare and then my grandma bogarted the entire week by up and dying. I say that tongue in cheek. Miss you g-ma. Wish that I had gotten to know you better while I had a chance. Sadness.

On the bright side I get to have an extended birthday celebration with rescheduled plans. And there’s still lot’s of presents just waiting for me. Um, I LOVE birthdays and presents. If anyone is feeling generous I would like a real live version of the attached picture for my birthday present. That would be an AWESOME birthday gift.

In other news, just got some updated labs run. It wasn’t a full scale lab thingy but I’ll touch on these more in a later post (and explain my technical lingo… “full scale lab thingy”). Suffice it to say that I really need to take some steps towards the self-improvement. Argh!


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