health stats 5-2010

Spank me. I’ve apparently been a bad, bad girl.

Back in Dec 2009, right before Christmas, I had amazing labs (can’t remember exactly what they were but will dig them up sometime for comparison).

Last week I had some labs done at a health screening sponsored by my job and I finally had to face the truth that my diet and exercise habits have been crap the past 4 months.

The results:

  • Total cholesterol = 227 mg/dl
  • HDL = 63 mg/dl
  • TC/HDL Ratio = 3.6
  • A1c (3 mo. average) = 5.4
  • Blood Pressure = 138/93
  • Weight 332 lbs
  • BMI = 50.7

Okay, so these labs aren’t quite as thorough as what I get at my doctor’s office, but they do give some indicators. Honestly I was expecting my total cholesterol to have increased but I’d expected my HDL to go down. And I’d thought my blood sugar would be an issue since I’ve been macking on the sugar. So actually there is some good news in that I haven’t wreaked as much damage as I’d thought.

But that doesn’t mean I’m damage free. The fact that I’ve gained 20 lbs in 4 months is a big ol’ warning sign. And I’m also bothered by my blood pressure (bp). I’ve started noticing my blood pressure spiking when I eat crap and I don’t feel good when that happens. I don’t know if bp is really an issue, especially given the questionable significance of cholesterol measures, but I figure if I could get back to the bp figures I had in high school, I’d probably be better off.

And then my total cholesterol has probably increased because the vLDL has gone up – which is the small dense stuff that fills the fissures in arteries. Sugar is the main culprit in raising the concentration of vLDL so I’m guessing it’s a definite increase.

Things need to change. Over this past week I’ve been working on getting my eating in better order. I’ve had some success but still, really, have a ways to go. I did avoid fast food all but one time this past week so that was a success.

For this next week, a few goals:

  • Continue cooking most of mymeals at home
  • Engage in purposeful exercise 3 times this week for at least 20 min. (i.e. Kettlebells)
  • Find some new recipes to use

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