6 Week Challenge… Count Me IN!

Over at NerdFitness (a new delight for me) they are starting a 6 week challenge (why six weeks? My theory is that the 30 day/one month challenge is SOOO overdone). Rules for the challenge include setting 2-3 diet/fitness goals and one “level up your life” goal. IN the interest of being a joiner, I thought I’d participate and kick my butt into gear.

Diet/Fitness goal 1: Go full-on Primal and drop about 10 lbs. I have a health screening for work coming up right about the time this challenge ends so it’ll be a way to make sure my cholesterol and blood pressure are in line. Although I maybe should have started this back in January to really reap benefits. But gotta start somewhere right?

Diet/Fitness goal 2: Break out the kettlebells and start a primal fitness plan. Lift heavy things at least 2 times a week. Do some HIIT 2 times a week. And then move frequently/play 2 times a week.

Level-Up Goal: Chart out my large bills that needs to be paid and nerd out on a budget to tackle these debts. They don’t have to be paid off in the 6 weeks (not possible) but the plan needs to be in place and the money needs to be flowing towards them.

Level-Up Goal BONUS (Because I apparently like to sabotage myself!): Update my resume and start shopping around for a more challenging occupation.

Join the Nerd Fitness challenge!


One response to “6 Week Challenge… Count Me IN!

  • wartica

    Good luck with dropping the ten pounds or so; training with kettle bells will definitely get you there:)))Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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