Free For All!

ImageFor the past… 4 (5 or 6?) years I’ve been trying to get this blog going but my commitment to it keeps fluctuating… hence the relative silence on it over the past two years. I’ve been pondering why that is and I think it has come down to its main focus being on weight loss, and more so, my failings at weight loss. Let’s be honest… having a record of repeated failure in front of me all the time is a bit uninspiring.

Avoid! Avoid!

So I’m shifting the focus of this blog a bit (again)… weight loss and fitness will still be a part of it, but I’m going to open it up to a lot of other topics… mainly whatever my life is up to at a given moment.

Continuing topics: diet, health, fitness, recipes, food, motivation, awesome quotes.

Possible new topics: beauty experiments, DIY stuff, gardening, self-help/improvement, politics, religion (might as well cover all the taboo angles), strong chicks, book reviews, skepticism, comics and other nerdy fodder and probably a whole lot more.

There have been a lot of times I wanted to vent or share something… just cast it out in the universe… but this blog didn’t seem the right place for it. I thought I’d just keep these other veins in journals or scrapbooks but it seems so disorganized given the different options I have outside of the internets. So why reinvent the wheel when I can just utilize this blog to document what’s going down? In other words… FREE FOR ALL!

Dare I say it’s time to be well-rounded? It’s time to throw the shutters wide and let the sun blaze in… shine the light in all the corners of life. Cuz really? I’ve been stifled by this narrow focus. And maybe it was too much pressure (starting to realize that pressure makes me a hands-off person… at least in regards to diet/exercise/physical transformation)?

Plus, I’m tired of being so food/fitness centric. There are many other facets to me and they all need to be explored. So there may be some pent up verbal diarrhea spewing forth over the next few months while I get this out of my system.

Onward with the free for all. Woo!


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