Survival of the FITtest

I’m really stoked about the upcoming Hunger Games movie. What’s not to love? Female heroine, survival, fighting, and romance. Some of my favorite things.

Be sure to check out Reasons to Be Fit for more fitspuration (I feel dirty using that blended word… someone scrub my brain out please).

So… honestly? I think this is a valid reason to get fit. Survival. It’s definitely one of the top reasons on my list (maybe the top one… will have to do a post on the top reasons to get fit someday… hmmm).


Late last summer/early fall A year ago Ashton Kutcher did a story with Men’s Fitness and claimed he wanted to be fit so he’d be able to save his family during the apocalypse. At that point, Ashton had never looked hotter to me.


Of course it later came out that he was kidding (punking Men’s Fitness?). And it saddened me. There might have even been tears. And a part of me still hopes it’s true.

Say what you will, but chest thumping, testosterone amped, protective, possessive, fighting MEN are hot (though there’s definitely a fine line between manly man and abusive dick). But as great as I think manly man is, I’m not content to be a damsel in distress. No doubt there are going to be times I’ll need assistance, but I want to be able to carry my weight and then some. I will not be a burden when the apocalypse rains down. I’ll be a survivor and save the lives of loved ones. With or without a mass of strapping hotness glistening from the sweaty exertions of battle. Mmmm… shiny.

Did I mention shiny things distract me…

What are you reasons for getting fit? Do you like the manly men? Are you a manly man? How do you feel about shiny things?


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